"We are our habits, and we can change them with awareness, leading to positive change" 

Adapt and Flow

Lifestyle Health Coach and Wim Hof Instructor

Damon Bowen-Ashwin, Founder of Adapt and Flow, is a Cancer Survivor Turned Thriver - helping people take more control over their minds and bodies. 

In particular helping people improve energy, confidence, self belief and mindset and install healthy habits to support happiness, health and strong bodies and minds.

Treatments & Therapies


Breathwork classes from £20pp

Wim Hof Method Workshops circa £100-£115 

Coaching from £250 per month


"You have started me on a journey of self discovery...thanks!!!"

"An absolutely incredible day. Damon is personable, knowledgeable and a pleasure to be around. The day was liberating, inspiring and educational."

Business Hours

7:30am - 8pm Mon - Fri

Weekends and late evenings by appointment

Damon Bowen-Ashwin

Happy clients

Group Meditation session