Greener Cleaners

Greener Cleaners make natural cleaners for your home


Our starter pack is great for all round the home...

Disinfecting spray

Combines castille soap, essential oils (white thyme and tea tree oil) with distilled water to kill bacteria and shift dirt and grime

Cream Cleanser

Combines bicarbonate of soda, castille soap, essential oils (peppermint and lavender) with distilled water to tackle harder to beat dirt, grease and grime - great on pots and pans!

Shiny Surface (activating) spray

Combines infused white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and distilled water to clean mirrors and glass.

Works in tandem with the cream cleanser to create a reaction which fizzes away even more dirt.

NB this is NOT SUITABLE for porous natural surfaces like granite

£15 per pack - refills £2.50 per bottle


"Then best thing about this is the smell, it is far more pleasant than the chemical alternatives and much longer lasting."

"I was amazed how easily combining the cream cleanser with the activating spray removed the grease and grime from my oven shelves.  An overnight soak, followed by a spray and polish and the burnt on grime literally wiped off. So much nicer than the chemical alternative."

"I noticed my friend's shower door was completely mark-free and she said it was down to shiny surface spray.  Just a few applications at home and my shower looked good as new too."

Our starter pack £12 including bottles

We infuse our white vinegar with orange peel

More products coming soon