PT and Private Gym Sessions

If you'd prefer the privacy of exercising with your partner, a personal PT or alone than this is the place for you.

After a safety induction you can train alone, have a personal programme written for you, train with a buddy or bring your own PT.


Gym includes

CV Equipment





Safety induction - £30
Induction with workout plan - £60
1 hour private gym session - £10
Monthly membership - £30*

*subject to availability


"I love the privacy of working out alone to my music at my pace.  No queues for equipment means I get my circuit done faster than at a normal gym." 

"I have a young baby and being able to bring her when I work out saves childcare costs. The convenience of this gym has enabled me to return to exercise sooner than I would have been able to."

CV Kit

Free Weight selection

Bench Stations