Pure Mess Skincare

Puremess make natural skin and hair care products  in Guildford using nature's finest ingredients. 


Puremess make truly effective skin and hair care products using oils, butters, waxes and botanicals in Guildford.

We have developed the products to provide maximum nourishment as well as helping to protect the skin. 

Our aim is to make you look and feel amazing because we see beauty in every individual.  

Price range £4.50 - £50 


"Thank you for your amazing sleep balm.  I was a premium member of the '2am club' and used to lie vividly awake from that time onwards. Now I seldom wake before 4am but am able to drift into a trance like state and have even passed my 6am wake up time.  I cannot believe the difference and cannot thank you enough!"

Rejuvenating face cream,
our best seller 

Perfect for gifting! 

Naturally Happy Skin