Stamina, Strength and Stretch

This comprehensive program builds all 3 of the primary physical fitness elements, but focuses in particular on the strength aspect for women.  

This is because regular strength training will offset the health, weight and hormonal issues all women deal with throughout their lives but more chronically from perimenopause onwards.

Stamina = Cardiovascular fitness and endurance

Strength = Muscular power and control

Stretch = Mobility and alignment


Each in-person class includes:


You don't have to come to classes to participate in the program.

Each month all participants are be invited to participate in a daily challenge to improve strength and stamina.

Information and motivation for the group is provided on a private WhatsApp group.


Challenge set 1st day of the month
In person class first Sunday of the month 10:00 - 11:00*
The Burpham Gym / The Burpham Yurt

*Booking essential


Drop in £12 per session

5 Class pass £50

It is hoped that small independent groups of participants will form that may want to train in the Burpham Gym to complement the program

Gym session £9/hr - can be shared with up to 3 people